What Do You Want From Life?

What Do You Want From Life? poetry stories

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Isn't it the situation, with all of us. We pray and pray and pray for something to happen. But it doesn't. Maybe he is unable to understand, what we are praying? And how important it is to us?

What Do You Want From Life?

What do you want from life?

God asked the young girl,

Who looked content to the

Whole world!

She looked up and saw a figure of light,

Whether to tell or not, that was her plight.

If she tells and let the whole world knows,

That will be her demise and her ego would go broke.

Smiling at the figure, the girl said its fine.

I am searching for something very particular,

And it's hard to define.

Looking into her eyes, he understood there is trouble.

But to the questions she didn't even ask,

Could he even stutter? *(Due to his nervousness)*

In life when someone asks you by himself,

You shouldn't miss the opportunity honey,

He is a god send. *(God Says)*

The girl looked curiously, through her watery eyes,

I forgot the truth she said,

While mending myself lies.

All I remember is a want to feel fresh air,

let my soul wander freely,

Untie my messy hair. *(As a sense of freedom, let her hair feel the wildness in them)*

I want them to soar wildly, like the freedom of the sky.

And want to fathom the love of Cone for the butterfly. *(As Coneflower attracts butterflies the most, and offers their nectar with love and without any expectations)*

Divine is the flower whose aroma is free of cost,

Why can't humans love this way God, where are we lost?

See the richness of the water,

You can peek into it's heart. *(As water is transparent, you can see through it)*

As a child we were able too,

It is getting difficult, as we travel far. *(Travel far, in terms of age)*

So, do you understand my issue god dear?

Ain't it difficult for you to hear? *(She says, cause god ain't taking actions for her plight)*

I want to feel that freedom,

defying all traditions.

I wanna run towards my love.

I wanna breathe in fresh air,

Untie my wild hair.

Share all the love I bore,

I wanna rip my heart open to my Soul.

So what's the problem honey?

Why are you scared.

Your task isn't that difficult,

What's stopping you to dare? *(God says)*

The girl smiled from her heart and turned to the figure, said

Oh sweet lord, I told you its fine,

I am searching something very particular

And I told you it's something very hard to define. *(Because he couldn't understand, what she was trying to convey)*

The Young Girl ~ Society.

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