Things we do for love.

        Things we do for love. poetry stories

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Give Some Relief to your Broken Heart. Please Try to Understand it's Part.

Things we do for love.

I wish for a day to come,

my lone heart wouldn't feel so lonely.

He is tired of Sharing love, caring for others

and of self mourning.

I expect someday he would realise how beautiful he was, before you came and reside in.

I expect someday he would sparkle all over again, be happy, joyous and feel the zin.

For all his hardwork he did for you, relentlessly waiting to feel the same,

would have come to an end.

For then he would know that he doesn't have you residing in, and stealing him,

For your heart was someone on the mend.

Now he would just be truly there where he belongs, where he first beat, he first breathe,

My heart is waiting for that day to come endlessly.

He wants peace for himself and love for me.

He is tired of wandering from your memories to memories, and wants to be set free.

He is now tired of feeling the past again and again

And doesn't want to live the happy illusions

he is never gonna gain.

My heart is tired of answering all my brain's quests,

to prove you right.

But your actions do prove that indeed the brain was bright.

He gets sad and comes back home,

He feels the need to breathe fresh,

but is scared to roam.

What if another stranger smiles at it

And oh his innocence could take a toll.

So, he sits in his chair,

There it grows in despair.

As once again your ignorance stole his innocence,

Your ignorance stole his glare.

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