Plastic Disaster
Plastic Disaster tomorrow stories

anjali Community member
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Plastic is starting to give me the creeps, would posterity be able to see the environment I see now. What have I missed, due to the continuous pollution?

Plastic Disaster

I used to love walking down the alley road, laughing, walking, enthusiastic stroll, but one day I saw the trash unload. Frowning I saw the plastic gloat, the smile on the truck's driver face was sarcastic. Even today I remember the drastic lay,

I couldn't stroll down that alley from that day. Plastic lighter than my shoes had blocked my way. Covered our earth floating here and there and that bay. Tiny molecules finding their way, down a fishes throat, taking it forever away. Making me realize that day, what is the chance I'll survive this fey.

Please if you allow me so I may. Do spread this message far and away. To make a change, to see a day. When all of this will be a story from far away.

Thank you. - Anjali Singh

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