No Longer She Dreams
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Lonely and still, the streets are dead and drawn. . .

No Longer She Dreams

Lonely and still, the streets are dead and drawn

on winter's edge, she waits in silent dread;

soft, her voice yet pierc'd the blue, star swirl'd dawn.

A dream, now bare -- a road that once had led

near summer shores and green, white speckled hills,

giving way to crisp, white, and deep blue waves;

ebbing and flowing with mobile thrills,

lest we may be sent to our early graves.

each gust brings new chills, heart breaking apart;

she screams in silence, they've broken their vow,

cruel Aphrodite lays claim to her heart;

oh, Sound of Silence, she's forever now

lost, a flask lies hollow, no more she beams,

deaf to the world, and no longer she dreams.

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