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gaslighting relationship

gaslit - anita_jeffcoat

good morning, baby, how are you?

oh come on, just forget about it, you shouldn’t be stressed about that.

hey babe, what’s wrong? i’m here for you.

can you just shut up already? you’ve already complained about it.

oh of course i want to see your play! i wouldn’t miss it for the world.

you could have told me that you barely had any lines. i wouldn’t have wasted my time.

come on baby, you look so beautiful tonight.

when will you let me fuck you already?

that underwear is so pretty, you should get it.

buy that thong, you’d do it if you love me.

i would never hurt you baby, i love you.

get your ass over here right now, i’m not asking.

maybe we should be more careful and use a condom.

i never fucking said that, i’m not buying those, we’ll lose the connection. quit being so paranoid.

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