The advent of petrichor
The advent of petrichor  stories

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The sky azure blue Is embellished with capricious hues again

The advent of petrichor

The sky azure blue

Is embellished with capricious hues again

It’s the arrival of gaiety; it’s the arrival of rain

The beauty is poignant, the beauty is pure

The beauty can solve, the beauty can cure

The mystic raindrops are on the way

To spellbind and to sway

To bestow with a myriad of presents

For the tapping feet, for the peasants

To apprise the world of solitude

With ethereal glory and fortitude

To adorn the aurora through its chatter

To mesmerize the roof with its pitter and patter

To trigger the imagination of those who scribble

To infuse zeal in each and every pebble

To incite the rebel, and turn up the treble

To apprise and enlighten one and all

From petty creatures which crawl

To those who yearn its pelts and fall

It hears the call

Of flora stout and tall

And swiftly rattle the leaves

In deft effervescence

And render the land

A petrichor

Of indelible essence

So let the mélange of sparkling drops

Make the world profound

With meandering mist and jubilant joy

Let them sail in your instinct

And say Ahoy!

Let them percolate

Spontaneously and instinctively, into your veins

Go and be fanatic

Go and be insane

Let them intrude

Into the ineluctable depths of your brain

Where your clandestine secrets lurk

Let them elude every pinch of your pain

Just let the raindrops rain!

Open the obscure window sills of your heart

As precious to you as ivory

And let the battering drops wipe off

All your miserable memory!

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