Carry These Sins to Your Graves
Carry These Sins to Your Graves emo stories

animorbid shelly | 22 | lesbian | scorpio
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Carry These Sins to Your Graves

I am a prisoner to the anger in my heart

This hatred burns with such heat

The fires of hell's depths

Blush and hide their faces

This sting that makes my hands shake is unceasing

I feel it will consume my whole body soon

Send your last regards

I feel it festering in the seven circles of my chest

But I am the morning star

I will never set it free

Lest nostalgia and longing

For the rose-scented moments between us

Drag me by the hair back into your arms

I will never be free

But the hurt is necessary

Because some part of me still loves you

Clenched fists are in your nature

You live what I'm terrified of becoming

You said you despise yourself for what you are

And yet you've never put in the effort to change

Your violence will isolate you to your end

The next time your self-loathing knocks you down

That's where you should stay

You painted your words black

Weaved them together with rope

And injected them with venom in hopes that I'd choke

You're lucky all of your relationships are long-distance

So they can never get close enough

To see the crimson blood drying in your palms

And dripping from your fingers

I've seen the filth that you live in

With devil's servants just as rotten as you

I see the bones under your sagging skin as you wither away

I've seen the dirty spoon you use to melt your pale blue downfall

Go ahead, indulge yourself in it

Someday enough won't feel like enough

And I won't be tempted again

Carry these sins to your graves

You are not immune to the final judgement, either


I hate you so fucking much

I'll let you know when I get down there, too

I cannot stand the thoughts of the lot of you

Everything, everything around me

Fills my head with memories that I wish I could forget

I hope the people in your life

See the horns you hide behind your forked tongue

See the damned stain that won't come out

I hope you think of me, too

The hurt is necessary

Because part of me still loves you

But I don't want to die with this fire

I want to forgive

So I can never see you again

I want God to smile when he sees me

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