Sometimes guns aren't enough...
Sometimes guns aren't enough... stories

animefreak *lick* you have a flavor. Did you know?
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True story! Beware of violence....

Sometimes guns aren't enough...

This is a true story, If you're an animal lover, sorry...(I love our furry friends too, but..)

Anyway.Every year, we raise a garden. But last year, a rabbit got into it. For the longest time, we couldn't catch it. We put up chicken wire, and other things. It was a smart bunny, though.

So my brother (we'll call him J) began going out with our gun every night. And eventually, one evening, there was the telltale BAM of a firearm going off. We all rushed outside.

J was proud, but upset. He'd shot the rabbit in the side, but it was still alive. My grandmother broke its neck. Then we ate it for dinner. It was delicious.

........I'm a horrible person XD

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