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animefreak *lick* you have a flavor. Did you know?
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Dear Daniel..........

Hey. First, I am sorry. I kinda was drunk when i messaged you 5 hours ago. I'm sorry for all the strange, crazy stuff I said. (Nothing inappropriate, I don't think...was it?)

Second, why are you talking about leaving commaful??? Everybody likes you!!You have friends here!!

Don't get discouraged if someone can't answer right away. They can be busy ya know?????

I would miss you a lot if you decided to leave, but if that's what you want, go for it, okay????But you are always welcome back (haha I don't own it so yea, but....yea.)

I hope you are okay. Seemed to me like your wanting to leave stemmed from more than...gh. Words are hard. I just hope you are okay, and don't try to hurt yourself in a impulse.

You are loved, okay? *hugs* every thing will be alright

Now, if you just wanna leave commaful, I won't stop you. But again, you will be missed. Do what makes you happy, buddy. Lots of love, Amber P.s. <3333333333333

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