I am from.....
I am from..... stories

animefreak*lick* you have a flavor. Did you know?
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This is from a poem for english class.....i made my teacher cry.......thoughts?....

I am from.....

Where I am from is a hard thing to ask

Let me remember look into the past

If I had to say I would tell you

That I am from nowhere and everywhere

I am from a small village in New York

That no one has ever heard of

Where it was always cold a coat a must

I am from an old trailer with old toys left by their previous owners

I am from long days sitting in a room with a locked door

From boxes of macaroni if i was lucky or handfuls of dog food

If i wasn’t

I am from a town in Iowa where my innocence was stolen

Soiled, stained dirty secrets and whispers i’d rather not remember

I am from a hard belt on my bottom things I hadn’t even done

I am from a heap made by my siblings and me

None of us wanting to leave the others alone

I am from Virginia where i reined

In a junkyard as queen

I am from dark nights holding my breath and

Trying not to be seen

I am from Kentucky my one and only love

Sitting by a warm stove with my family

Knowing that they’d never hurt me

And that i am enough

Splashing in a creek letting minnows nibble on my toes

Feeding them crumbs of crackers and cookies

From a garden of rocks, among cacti and snakes

An endless field where my brothers and sisters love to run

A forest full of mystery and creepy crawlies of all kinds

Sliding down a hill born faster by the snow

I am from hot chocolate and pumpkin pie

Awkward first kisses proclaiming I am bi

Stroking the spine of a cat and tickling her chin

Singing in a church baptized and freed from sin

From warm hugs from my grandparents

Mix of cologne and cigarettes

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