Fandom Crack Two
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animefreak*lick* you have a flavor. Did you know?
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Hetalia. Ignore this. I'll probably end up deleting it lol XD

Fandom Crack Two

Italy: Germany help!

Germany: what do you need, Italia?

Italy: I can't find my feet! :(

Germany: Are you drunk

Italy: nooooo

Italy: i can't find my feet

Italy: and i'm really sad

Italy: do they hate me

Germany: Italy you're drunk

Italy: nuuu I'm not I just can't find my feet

Germany: *sigh* why do i put up with you

Italy: You love me. unlike my feet

Italy: those stupid jerks. i don't need them anyway

Germany: actually, you kind of do....

Italy: I know! I will cut them off!

Germany: Italy, no

Italy: Italy yes

Italy's feet: No please don't!

Italy: Yay! my feet are back!

Germany: what the heck.....

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