cant breath
cant breath aprilfire stories

anime_senpaii its called a peach 🙄
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listen to this while reading it ( if you want ):

( read it with the music if that makes sense also if your a demon slayer fan dont read wth the music spoilers for the movie which is cannon )

cant breath

escape is far

im holding for my life with a single string

bad thought going through my head

all alone

in a desperate situation

about to faint

gasping for air

its going black

how did i end up like this?

" here come quick! "

" here come quick! " " shes hanging on put barely! "

" here come quick! " " shes hanging on put barely! " " someone please come!! "

whats going on?

what are all these voices

their ringing inside my head

my body aches

i cant move

where am i?

am i asleep?

why do i feel like im buring?

is this a fire?

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