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Warning: mentions of death of a family member

Sad Love Poem

I wake up in my big lonley bed

You are not there

I get up to brush my hair

You are not there

I eat breakfast and go upon my day with out you

With a big smile upon my face

I smile at my friends

I smile at my family

I smile at my teachers

I smile at the neighbours I walk by

I haven't been able to smile at you lately

I pretend that I am okay

But really I want to cry

Finally school is over

I have the day off from work

I walk into my silent household

And change out of my school uniform shirt

I turn the heater on

But there's something cold inside me

And though you are not here to hold me

In the echos I can hear your voice

It's been quiet since you went away

Once again I lay in my big lonely bed

I let my hair tangle beyond repair

I cry

I sob

I am in despair

Cause you are no longer there

And at the end of the day

I no longer have to pretend that I am okay

Cause you are not there

There is no longer someone there to worry about me

No one cares

Sometimes I still wish you were here

Rest Peacefully now

I say that like you have a choice

The only comfort that I have now

Is the fact that in the echos I can still hear your voice...

Thanks for reading my sad death poem, like this if you've ever lost someone you loved

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