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Yo, what's up! This is the new fandom that Commaful made for us! I will provide u with latest anime and manga updates and other things!
Thanks to @alanad for making the logo!

Sup anime lovers!

This is the first post of this fandom! Yea, you read it correct... FANDOM! Commaful made this fandom for us anime lovers! So let's get straight to the introduction and agenda...

I am @ink_monster and I was chosen by the Commaful team as the Commaleader for the anime fandom... I am glad to be given this opportunity and I promise to support the community in whatever way I can...

As of now I am working alone but soon I plan on having a team of at least five people! Now moving on to the agenda...

The agenda is clear... To provide you with latest anime and manga updates and help you select the best anime to watch! For this I have divided the content into three categories...

1. Daily For this I would provide you with latest anime and manga updates. I will try and upload daily though I can't say for sure...

2. Weekly For this I will provide you with lists of top fives or tens. Example - Best action anime, best manga to read, best anime quotes etc.

3. Monthly For this I will give you prompts and you can write fan-fiction on it. Basically competition with prizes!

If you want me to make a post on a particular topic you can DM me either here or on my original account.

Now lemme talk about the name and the logo...

The name Konmafuru Sama may sound a bit weird but please hear me out... Whenever you hear the word anime, the thing that pops up in your mind is Japan or Japanese. So Commaful in Japanese accent in Konmafuru... And Sama means lord...

So yeah... Lord Commaful or Konmafuru Sama! I know that it is the stupidest name for a fandom but this is is the best I could think of XD

Now for the logo -

Well of course I didn't make it... I am not that creative! @alanad made it for me! I am really thankful to her for making this amazing logo, I mean... I didn't think it would be so amazing! This Attack On Titan theme and the Commaful logo made metallic... Just amazing!

Apart from being really good with electronic arts she is an amazing writer as well! Make sure you go and follow her I'll put the link to her profile in the comments and the description.

Well then, I'll see ya guys in the next post till then...


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