Love! Always lasts.
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aniljaswal Community member
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When I am free, She always enters me,

Love! Always lasts.

When I am free,

She always enters me,

Occupies me totally,

And get that done,

What she wants,

I feel helpless,

To say no.

She is big source of energy,

The moment I have a glimpse of her,

How much tired I may be,

I will get up,

And move towards her,

When she comes into my arms,

I feel like in heaven.

She is so entertaining,

Whenever I hear her name,

I feel joyous,

Forgets boredom,

With twinkle in eyes,

Tremendous enthusiasm comes to fore,

I start looking for a date

She is so positive,

Whenever some negativity comes to the mind,

Her face reminds,

Stay on right course,

Be perseverant,

Look a head,

You will achieve your goal.

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