Hi! Here Is a random rant.
Hi! Here Is a random rant. sad stories

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Going to delete soon.
A random rant. Not very long

Hi! Here Is a random rant.

I just started the new school year and well, listen... 2020 is the worst.

I was separated from my old friends and the closest of them left the country. Basically, I am the only person from my old class in the new one.

Ok, um... so I made friends with some newbies. They are quite nice and well.... friendly. But I feel like they are low-key annoyed of me. Yea

So, I am quite close with the friend who left the country but the other two not so... one of them kinda talks to me but the other does not even say hi. HI It really hurts but whatever. I guess it is ok.

We got our different friend groups now.

Yea, it was completely different last year. It is like I am always surrounded with people yet I am so alone. Idk why.

Sorry for this rant,It is a bit unprofessional of me but I thought you guys might relate. Anyways, thanks for 67 followers. Follow for A follow. Thank you

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