Shattered Family Photos
Shattered Family Photos abuse stories

anikalee fighting depression
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A poem about my broken family. TW: abuse

Shattered Family Photos

I told you but you didn't care,

All my cries for help, you didn't hear,

You saw I was hurting but for you that was okay,

"He's your dad so it's fine," you would say,

You loved him from the very start,

Giving him every piece of your heart,

Not even bothering to save one for my sister and I,

Never listening to me when I said, "I want to die."

I guess the big question I have for you is, "Why?"

Why were we never enough?

Why was believing what we told you so tough?

Why did you force us to fake a smile and stay,

When all we wanted to do was run away?

This family was broken long ago,

Anyone can tell you so,

You try to fix things but only make it worse,

Shrinking away when he began to curse,

Never thinking about fighting back,

When all my sister and I wanted to do was pack,

You told us to love our dad,

But can you love something you feel like you never had?

Who was this man hitting me,

Couldn't possibly be my dad, could he be?

Purple and green bruises on our bodies,

Yet you never even told him to say sorry,

It was the very least you could've done,

And because of you, he has won,

Always being on his side,

Claiming to this day that we lied,

I'm tired of this game we have to play,

Because it is always my sister and I who have to pay,

To these situations you turned your back,

Letting these problems stack and stack,

And now the pile is too high,

Our relationship has now died,

I know you tried so hard,

But the frame holding our family photo is in shards,

The shards are scattered everywhere you can see,

And so are the pieces of me,

At this point, it is way too late,

To wash all this blood off this dirty slate,

I love you, Mom, but you hurt me so much,

Only caring about shopping and such,

Trying to buy mine and my sister's forgiveness,

But our relationship with you is hopeless.

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