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My story to tell my sister so she can sleep

Baby Big

Once upon a time, there was a universe, a big, huge, giant one. But then, it met another universe, so they fell in love and married each other.

The big universe was pregnant, and inside it was another little but 'will be huge someday' universe. People called it "Baby big".

One day, when it was born, Baby Big went to the zoo and it was eaten by a lion. Poor it. I mean, poor the lion, because it didn't know what did it eat.

At the time Baby Big was inside the lion's belly, it began to grow, bigger and bigger.

Do you know how can it get bigger? Well, it got bigger because it took nutrition and food from the lion's stomach.

How guilty! When Baby Big began to grow bigger inside the lion's belly, the lion became skinnier, but her belly grows bigger.

The zookeeper said she might get pregnant, but there was no male lion around her. One they, Baby Big scratched and tore the lion's belly and got out. The poor lion died, and Baby Big is free!

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