End of the first "set" finale!!! PLEASE READ!
End of the first "set" finale!!!
PLEASE READ! #firstsetcompleted stories

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Before reading this post, please try reading all of the posts before, because you will have a better understanding of what I'm talking about in the "End of the first "set" finale!!!" Thank you!

End of the first "set" finale!!! PLEASE READ!

Yes, I am aware that this set is only, like, 4 stories long.

I am seeing what type of writing I like, and just trying out poetry.

Shoutout to the amazing @ri, who inspired me to try this type of writing!

I want to try out a different type of format, so this next "set" will be a bit different.

Now, just for explanation, here are some things you should know;

1. I will have one main topic that all my posts revolve around.

2. I will have different kinds of writing, instead of just poetry (Writing, stories, real-life situations,"etc).

3. I will also have extras, like things to boost your day, or just information you should know about.

4. I might discontinue a few of the things I said on my recent posts.

Well, thank you all for getting through this whole information packet, and until we meet again! - S.H💜

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