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After his success in helping stop the Reverse Flash, the Arrow is called upon again to aid in the capture of Zoom. What happens when things go wrong and Oliver wakes up back in Starling City with a whole new set of second chances?



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Why would a meta-human and a team of extremely smart people need someone with no powers, street smarts, and a bow?

This was the question Oliver found he was asking himself for the second time now.

Before with Reverse Flash, which he didn't think he was much help for, and now with a new speedster known as Zoom.

Yet here he stood as the Green Arrow, back to back with The Flash in one of Central City's less populated areas in the middle of the night.

Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, and Felicity Smoak were at their posts in S. T. A. R.

Labs while Joe West, John Diggle, and somehow, Harrison Wells were guarding over the two with special guns from a nearby rooftop.

They were all prepared for battle against the newest evil villain the team was up against. Any minute now he's show up and Oliver would do his best as a man amongst gods.

Despite his doubts he had been reassured he was there for a reason, that he had the best aim and could catch Zoom off guard to fire an arrow at him that would slow his speed.

Only a few more moments and there he was. He was a frightening sight to behold and Oliver felt the chills run down his spine as the speedsters all at once started to fight.

It happened so fast.

One second he was aiming to take the most important shot, the next he was thrown back by the force of the speed, hitting something hard, loosing his bow in the process,

and only managing to catch one final glimpse of The Flash and Zoom in their epic fight just before he blacked out.

When he came to, much later, it was late in the after noon and the sun was sinking.

Leaves from the canopy of trees were the only thing blocking the last bits of harsh sun from Oliver's vision in any way.

Even then it wasn't doing that well of a job since beams of light still peered through small openings between the leaves.

Sitting up was a struggle since any movement seemed to back his head hurt but he bit back the pain.

He brought his head to his temple in attempt to massage the oncoming headache away and hoping his vision would focus more soon.

Once it did he instantly recognized where he was. It was in one of the smaller parks on the edge of Starling City, or Star City now.

It was abandoned mostly during the day and it's peak in activity was at night when drug dealers showed up to make some money, he would know since he had a history as a buyer.

This was lucky, however, since that meant a low possibility to being caught as the Green Arrow. Yet since it was getting late he'd have to be leaving very soon.

Reluctantly he stood up, having to brace himself on a nearby tree for a moment or two soon afterward. Whatever had happened during that fight had done a number on him.

Especially since it seemed to be turning into evening once again, he must have been out for a while.

Despite the pain all over his body he went into his normal vigilante mode and guided through the city with ease.

However, it wasn't until he nearly ran right into the outer wall of a building that he realized there was something... off about the city.

For one he had noticed that the sign coming in didn't say "Star City" and instead bore the words "Starling City".

Which was in fact odd since when he left it still had the other name from when Ray Plamer, a friend and owner of Palmer Technologies, had 'died'. He didn't remember this building being there.

Instead of pondering too much over it he instead scaled it, passing it off as having memory issues from his little accident.

From this height he decided to be curious and check for a specific building.

He was searching for that deep blue lettering of the Palmer Technologies building but when he was instead met with a lighter blue 'Q' he was definitely wondering what was going on.

Luckily the building right across from the main office was still there so without much hesitation he jumped rooftops and climbed fire escapes to get to the view point.

Maybe Felicity had changed it while he was away. Even though that didn't make much sense it made more than anything else he came up with on his way.

The blonde was also who he was expecting to see through the window from the other building's rooftop.

He eyes were once again met with something he didn't expect. Someone he didn't expect.

It was impossible for that particular person to now be sitting in the spinning grey desk chair with their eyes fixed on something on the computer screen inches away.

"No. There's no way-" Oliver said to himself, trying to get as close to the edge as he dared to see better, his eyes had to be playing tricks on him.

Sure enough, however, when the person stood to leave it was them. His heart started beating incredibly fast. "That's impossible. Dad?" He couldn't believe it.

He must have died at some point in that battle since he was not only seeing his dead father, Robert Queen, alive and well, leaving the main office of Queen Consolidated, but also his mother,

Moira Queen, meeting him at the door.

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