To Be Free
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angrygirl87 Community member
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The most beautiful thing in the world is, to be free.

To Be Free

The most beautiful thing in the world is, to be free.

The most perfect moment in life is, to be happy.

The most important part of happiness is, to know your worth.

If it's not on your own terms then, success is meaningless.

If it's not what you wanted to begin with, then love is useless.

If you've to explain it again and again, the truth is impactless.

Live your life on your own terms, be yourself!

Connect with people you can respect and love, be authentic!

Make something good out of this mess, be creative!

This is life, it's not supposed to be easy, not at all times, at least.

Don't give up your passion and, hope for the best.

Things will start going your way, once you get a handle on them.

This is my advice, take it or not... be happy...

be free...

And one day you'll be exactly what... You're meant to be...

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