To be Fair
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I am working on a new collection "Musings of an Angry Girl." Do comment what you think of it?

To be Fair

I want to say this to you, my dear, She wasn’t an easy person to love, We did our best to make her happier, But she had a sad soul, my dove.

We tried to tame her wild heart, She had so much she could learn, That in itself was the wrong start, We should’ve let her herself discern.

What needed to be changed, She needed to find someone to trust, Maybe she knew what needed to be maintained, Soon her dreams all turned to dust.

We had our role to play, She needed us to love her as she was, Even for her, we couldn’t possibly stay, Indeed, our impatience was a cause.

But to be honest, to be fair, She wasn’t going to be tamed, We did try, we did care, Her soul was too restless to be caged,

Her heart was already in a million pieces, No matter how hard anyone tried, It was broken without leaving traces, No one could wipe the tears already dried.

Her anger at the world was something to behold, With that frown, she was doomed to stay unloved, Her fear was no less tangible, truth be told, We knew she could never be anyone’s beloved.

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