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What they say about that girl...

They Say That

They look at her with pity and say her heart is dead,

But is it any wonder as many tears it has shed?

Heartbreaking it is that no one has seen her smile,

Not just now but in a very long, long while.

She was a sweet girl, It is true and it is sad,

She isn’t what she used to be, now she is raving mad.

She was happy once, she was bright,

To others, her smile was a lovely sight.

She no longer smiles these days, all that is left,

Is sadness in her eyes, a frown, and an ugly cleft.

People often contemplate, though no one knows her story,

But they do stay away, and for her, they do feel very sorry.

They sure do keep their distance,

Not that she gives them any resistance.

She is lonely and she likes it that way too,

Away from people, away from me and you.

They say that you broke her heart,

They say that her heart won’t start.

It happened that day when her heart stopped beating,

She was never the same after the day of your parting.

It is true that it was such a long time ago,

And yes there is not much to the story left to show.

No one remembers it all, half of what they say is fiction,

And the other half is just an angry girl’s addiction.

She is an enigma that is also true,

But in many ways, she is just like you.

She keeps to herself and never denies what people say,

About her, about you, and why she is that way.

There is a little bit of truth when someone’s soul dies,

Perhaps, there is some reality hidden within their lies.

One thing I must tell you though, that girl,

That beautiful sad girl simply hates goodbyes.

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