Strangest Truth
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angrygirl87 Community member
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Sometimes what others say hurt us in ways even we can't explain...

Strangest Truth

When someone you love doesn't accept your soul, It changes you and you are never again whole.

When someone you admire wants you to change, Your anger at the world becomes difficult to manage.

That's how it was, that is what caused all this pain, I wanted to make others happy but it was all in vain.

Why are the people you love so hard to please? Should you not be able to do it with ease?

Nothing is enough, whatever you do for them is wrong, You hope for next time, trying harder to stay strong.

They think they have a right to criticize you at every step, It isn't that simple; your smile becomes impossible to be kept.

You might not agree, it is strange but it is also true, One misstep and people you love are the first to frown at you.

It's twilight of your life, as the darkness seeps in, Your soul stretches, a monster is awakening within.

That's how it went down and then I no longer cared, I am done pleasing people; my love is not to be so carelessly shared.

I closed all the doors, my heart is now out of their reach, I have learned the lesson they were not even trying to teach.

But is it shocking, really that hard to believe? When you're not accepted it is better to retrieve.

Thus, in my shell, I have vowed to stay, Keeping these misguided souls far, far away.

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