Song of Joy
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angrygirl87 Community member
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When you take a step back and look from a distance

Song of Joy

There is a light that I see in the dark, And a smile that I've loved from the start, The mystery that is hidden in your eyes, And the feeling that comes when your very soul cries.

How much we really know about our existence? When you take a step back and look from a distance, A few simple things can amount to everything, The way someone's laughter can make your heart sing.

The love you have shown me over the years, To the unknown paths, sometimes life steers, It may look far away, but happiness is actually within our grasp, If we are brave enough to fulfill life's task.

To me, it's your smiling eyes that bring bliss, When you're sad, my heart also cries, Making you happy is my only purpose, Never assume that no one cares because someone does.

I want to say this now, I love you! Let it be a reminder that my feelings have always been true, Your very essence is something that keeps me going, My words resonate with the truth they're portraying.

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