Never Together: Fate and Destiny (Part 2)
Never Together: Fate and Destiny (Part 2) destiny stories

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Such is the life of Fate and Destiny, both are doomed to stay apart.
This pain is theirs to bear, while every time they must begin from the start.

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Never Together: Fate and Destiny (Part 2)

Fate saw the moment hope left her eyes. He saw exactly when her heart froze, but he couldn’t stop himself. It was for her own good. She needed a dose of reality to bring back the balance.

The balance that was tripped because of their foolishness. They had been selfish and careless in their pursuit of happiness and love. Foolish! Love wasn’t for them. Happiness wasn’t for them.

He knew better. Balance must be maintained or the multiverse would have to pay dearly. It could all be destroyed in one single moment of carelessness on their part. He couldn’t let that happen.

It was for the greater good, as they said. Today, he would let his love die once again and save everyone else. Perhaps someday, under better circumstances, she would return to stay.

For now, this was it. The end that would bring new beginnings.

“At least, you didn’t let me die in vain this time around.”

“Never! Never that.”

“You did well.”

“I hope so.”

“We shall meet again, you know. But it won’t be love.”

“I know. Our love was doomed from the start. But let’s meet again anyway.”

“I shall hate you forever.”

“I’d expect nothing less.”

“You never believed in us.”

“You’re wrong I believed, maybe a little too much, actually.”

“Then why did you give up?”

“I didn’t. This isn’t giving up.”

“What else is it?”

“Some sacrifices must be made.”

“Ah! Always the martyr.”


“I hope you can endure what comes next.”

“Me too. I am ready.”

“But I’m not, maybe I never will be, but I must go now, death awaits.”

He saw her take her last breath and then she was no more. Life demanded it to be so, so it must be. They weren’t meant to be together. One had to perish and he made sure it wasn’t him.

Never him. He felt different though. It was more painful than before. He hoped she would forgive him someday, but he knew that might not happen.

She was fierce that way, his Destiny, she could never let go of her anger.

Oh, and how angry she must had been? He had betrayed her again, he wished it was the last time, but some wishes weren’t meant to come true.

To be continued...

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