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Keep smiling and keep moving forward. :)

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Keep Smiling

Life may throw the worst your way, But don’t let it led you astray, Keep smiling until your worries go away, Happiness is here to stay.

Things may seem unbearable during a difficult time, But despair isn’t the answer, it’s a crime, Keep your hopes high until, once again, you feel divine, And your soul is bright like sunshine.

When you’re sad, worry may be etched on your face, But you should let it go without a trace, Keep thinking positively, knowing that, in any case, Life is moving at the right pace.

When your heart is heavy and things go wrong, But you need to stay strong, Keep focusing on the plus side, there you belong, And let your heart sing a happy song.

Life is never easy for anyone, But you can still have fun, Keep trying until the things get done, Life waits for none.

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