It's a Start
It's a Start surreal stories

angrygirl87 Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
I have no idea why I wrote this but it felt right. :)

It's a Start

When no one knows how it started,

Or where it all began,

Still, everyone knows what happened,

And how it would end.

A mystery to unlock all the mysteries,

Or a lie to untold all the truths,

Perhaps, a war to end all the wars,

But a star that burns so bright.

And a future that seems just so right.

So is this something you wish to unlock?

Or maybe it’s best,

To give your curiosity a rest,

Decide, be quick and be sure,

You might unleash the worst thing,

That no one would be able to endure.

One who is true and another who is pure,

Both need to do what must be done,

Before the time itself comes undone.

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