Don't Stay, Just Go Away
Don't Stay, Just Go Away reality stories

angrygirl87 Community member
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If you wish to leave then there is no reason for you to stay...

Don't Stay, Just Go Away

If you wish to leave then there is no reason for you to stay,

Just so you know, I won't keep the door open forever anyway.

It's not in my nature to venture where I am unwelcomed,

It's not my style to force my love when it is returned so seldom.

Things change, people grow, some may stay but other must go,

That is the way this world of ours work, it's okay if you leave,

Accepting reality is so much better than keeping a false belief.

To be completely honest, I too thought about leaving you,

I felt our love die before you did, it is unfortunately true.

But I was scared and ignored what your waning smile had showed,

I was unsure and decided not to listen to what my own heart foretold.

It is okay, it is alright, feelings can dwindle and fade away,

I won't be a hurdle in your way, there is no reason for you to stay.

Don't think of me, there is the door, your path is clear and paved,

Go, leave, we both know that you were never going to be chained.

I knew your free spirit and I had seen your soul craving to take flight,

Then you left without looking back, no matter how I wished you might.

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