Another Chance
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angrygirl87 Community member
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Another chance at love and happiness...

Another Chance

She valued honesty, yet she fell in love with a lie, Ah, but how beautiful it was! It was just like love, Alas! lies never last long, soon that love must die.

She cried a million tears when the truth was revealed, She was sad and hurt, she felt so many emotions, Mostly, she was angry and her fate was then sealed.

She cursed you for lying and raged at the world for it, But, oh so pretty the lie was at one time, who to blame! Is it any wonder that the end to its beauty didn't befit?

She was impulsive, now she is furious for her mistake, She never paid attention to the things she trusted, She could never have guessed that it was all just fake.

The dust has settled, she now hopes for another chance, For a love that is true, a life that is everything she wants, For a soulmate who is true, a melody to which she can dance.

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