What is Love?
What is Love? romance stories
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What is love, and what does it mean?

What is Love?

We heard of true love

And love itself.

But, what is it?

Love might be

An intense feeling

Of deep affection

Or at least feeling

Affection for someone.

However, as someone

Who never truly

Understand what love is,

How do we know we felt it?

It's hard to know the real

Meaning of love, when most

People never felt it

Nor had it.

People might say that love

Means that you have an

Unwavering, unbreakable

And unparalleled fondness

And devotion for your partner.

But, how do we know that's

How love is?

Do we know that this person

Who wrote this meaning of

What love truly is, knows what

It is or truly felt it.

It's just confusing.

Love is a confusing and

Unknown topic to

Most people, not

All people know it or felt it


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