To the Girl I saw
To the Girl I saw poem stories

angelopao2010 Community member
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Remember even though you go through tough moments and obstacles, don't give up and get back on your feet, just like me.

To the Girl I saw

To the girl I saw,

This is a letter to you.

That girl who sat by herself

That girl who doubted herself

That girl who was bullied

She was let down.

A letter to that girl

That girl who was used

That girl who was manipulated

That girl who was gaslighted

Although she is wickedly smart,

She was left in pieces.

A letter to that girl:

You are beautiful

You are wonderful

You are great

You are smart

You are you

Don't let anyone take that away from you

And I know this world can knock you so far down

Trust me I do

But it's all about picking yourself back up

Fighting back

And showing just who you are.

Look at you, so strong

You showed everyone who you are

You showed everyone that you can

Prove them wrong,

Even in the darkest moments

You pulled through

And you became you.

So this is a letter to that girl

That girl who was knocked down

But she learned to get up

Everything is easier said than done

But I know how it all feels

as 'that girl' is me.

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