The Sadness of my Birthday
The Sadness of my Birthday  thoughts stories

angelopao2010 Community member
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This represents how I feel about my birthday.

The Sadness of my Birthday

My birthday was on the seventh of May

And you think that I would be happy

Because it's finally the day when

I was born, but my

Birthday is only filled with sadness

As I know of.

My hope for my birthday

Completely drained away

years ago when I was just

8 years old.

Why, you may ask

Because people

That I have a close connection

With, barely remember that

The seventh of May is my birthday

The only birthday they remember

Was someone else's and it was the

Same day as mine.

To that day and forward,

I have tears in my eyes,

When it is my birthday

All I can think of is how

People forgot about it

Why, well it's pointless;

Why should I even celebrate

A birthday when my social circle

Can't even remember that one part of me.

So, you see.

Birthdays may be exciting but

That isn't the point for me.

It's actually the opposite.

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