The Dread of an Arranged Marriage
The Dread of an Arranged Marriage arranged marriage stories
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What is arranged marriage and is it worth it?

The Dread of an Arranged Marriage

Love is loose not forced.

It runs free to find you

And whenever you go.

But, what if you tie the knot.

And you end it right there?

But, instead of finding

Your soulmate, let the matchmakers

Do the job.

A marriage is arranged

By the couples' parents.

Instead of the

Individuals themselves.

A marital union is set

Where the bride and groom is selected.

When it's official

The bride and groom

Is ready to spend

Their lives together

With people who

They don't really love.

They know what

They got themselves


But, they're afraid to

Talk back.

This marriage is the solution

To all of their issues.

They swallow their pride

And raise their head

Up high.

Ready to endure in more.

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