The Adventure of Matthew and Emily: The Search for their Parents
The Adventure of Matthew and Emily: The Search for their Parents mystery stories

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Two twins on the hunt for the memory that will lead to their parents.

The Adventure of Matthew and Emily: The Search for their Parents

There were a pair of twins, Matthew and Emily. They are best friends, brother, and sister. There was nothing more they could ask for, despite wanting to know about their parents.

They didn't know who their parents were, their personalities, what happened to them, and they didn't have any memory or something relating to their parents, but as they grew up,

they envy their friends and other people who had parents, and their desire to know about their mother and father grew. However, Matthew and Emily lived as a pair.

They were living with their aunts, uncles, and grandparents, with this thought with family beside them,

the wanting to know about their parents withered away like a blossoming flower who self isn't watered.

As the years pass, both twins are close to their senior years, with no acknowledgment for closer family.

Until one night, Emily woke up in the middle of midnight, screaming at the top of her lungs, "AHHHH!

" At that pitch, Matthew woke up, covering his ears with his pillows, tightening his grip as possible to prevent Emily's high pitch scream from squiggling into his vulnerable ears.

When Emily woke up, she was pale, and her eyes were wide open staring at her collage of family and school pictures.

She got off her bed and ran to her brother's room, knocking louder and louder until Matthew opened the door.

When Matthew opened the door, he had bags under his eyes, hair was messy, and his eyes closing and opening at sight.

Matthew said, "Emily, why are you here? It's midnight, go to sleep. I'm tired." Then, Matthew closed the door.

However, Emily got her hands on the door, not listening to her older brother, which was older by 3 minutes. She ran into Matthew's room which was organized.

It had no clothes on the ground and fragrances lingering in the air, with the bright wallpaper with black and white stinging her eyes.

Matthew was annoyed saying, "Ugh, Emily why are you here, we have the first day of summer tomorrow, and I want to be energized to do activities."

She laid down on Matthew's black bed comforter, saying: "Well, Matthew, I'm sorry to disturb you, but I had a vision-."

"Well, a vision, is it girly, girly, or is it about boys," while Matthew said sarcastically.

Emily sat up saying "Matthew, it's none of above!" while she said in a raging voice, "as I was saying, it was not any ordinary vision, I saw our parents, Matthew!"

Matthew was shocked, happy, and somewhat confused. He said while standing, "really, but are you sure it's our parents?"

Emily continued saying "I think it was our parents, "our parents" were holding our birth certificates, which have our official names and birth dates. Also, they were holding a medium size box.

While holding the box, they said "when you're 17 years old, I hope you open this box there's something inside that would help you trace us. It would be in your Grandparent' home.

We don't know if we have enough time to explain, but the box will be in the at--, "Ahhhhh!

" And when I heard that scream from mom and pa, they were taken away by a bunch of people, and then I woke up.

Matthew was shocked and said, "Okay, so it was our parents since they have our birth certificates, but what is that box, what's inside, where is it, and why were taken away?"

Emily said, "Nevermind that, Matthew, the box is the only thing we have of our parents, we need to find it, but all we know is that it's in this house, but where?" While saying curiously.

A lightbulb turned on in Matthew's mind. He said, "Wait, Emily, you said mom and pa hid the box in the at-,"

Emily said "Yeah, what's your idea," while in confusion.

"Well, the only room that starts with those two letters is the attic!" Matthew continued.

Emily brightened up, "That makes sense, Matthew. I'm so excited to figure out what we have left of our parents, so let's begin our search at 11 a.m. sharp tomorrow."

"Ok, Emily, now can you get out of my room, so we can both sleep fully for our search," Matthew said while pointing out of his door."

Emily walked out of Matthew's room, Matthew shut the door, and Emily started to hear snoring. She went to her room, shutting her door as well. She went up to her bed, staring at the ceiling.

She started saying in her mind, "Can we really find one last trace of our parents, or is it a ruse?" Emily said over and over.

By morning, the twins were bright and ready for summer, but most importantly the search for that box. The sun was beaming into Emily's room after she opened her curtains.

She went to the kitchen hearing sizzling from the frying-pans and noises from all of her family. She went to sit on the stool next to the island where Matthew was waiting for some breakfast.

Emily whispered to Matthew saying "Matthew, we have 1 hour to get ready before going to the attic."

Matthew replied saying "Okay, Emily, but wait. I want breakfast first."

Plates of bacon and eggs were placed before Matthew and Emily's eyes, *clank.

Matthew and Emily ate, along with their other family eating beside them, all of their utensils clinging against the plates every time they scoop up some food, *clank, *cling.

When Matthew and Emily finished eating breakfast and their other family was out of the house, they began their search.

Matthew was at the top of the creaky stairs leading to the second floor, pulling at the string. When he pulled the string, a ladder came being unfolded, leaving Emily scared.

She heard an echo from the attic, making her back from the creepy attic. Matthew took Emily's arm and led her inside the attic, where it was dark and narrow.

Matthew turned on the lights, and he and Emily started searching. They searched every corner, every cardboard box, except there was nothing. Matthew and Emily started to lose hope.

They were searching for 20 minutes now, nothing was found, except while Matthew was walking around, trying to let go of the nerve inside of him, he stubbed his toe, "Ahh!"

Matthew got down on his but, rubbing his toe, but also investigating what his toe stubbed on. He pulled at the object until it came out. Emily also came to see what happened, and she was amazed.

"Matthew, it's a box," Emily said in astonishment.

Matthew was confused and said, "Yes, Emily, it's a box, just a box."

Emily replied saying "Matthew, noo!! It's THE box, from my vision," while saying it angrily.

Matthew had that glow on his face. A sense of happiness was expressed throughout him.

He responded to Emily saying "Ohh, I never knew, let's open it, Emily, this is the only thing of our parents, no matter what it is, we have it in our hands."

Matthew and Emily were beside each other. The wind started to gust, and creaking was coming from the windows, opening, and closing when the wind came in. Their faces were close together.

They opened the box, amazed that the box needed no key. The box was opened, happiness from Emily drained away when she saw what was inside the box. Inside was a note, a locket, and a picture.

Emily had her hopes too high. She was disappointed crashing to the floor. Tears came out of her eyes, wiping them every time they came down.

She said in an angry voice, "That's all a piece of paper, a cheap locket, and another picture.

We spent 20 minutes in this creepy attic to find our parents' only thing, a box that was only filled with nothing but garbage!

" She kept her head down, hitting her legs with her fist, over and over. Matthew was disappointed, as well, but he grabbed the note, unfolding it, and what he saw can make him and Emily's day.

"Emily, don't be sad, I opened the note, and there's a phone number on it -," Matthew said.

"I think it's an ordinary phone number that doesn't lead us closer to finding a trace of our parents," Emily said furiously.

"Emily doesn't be sarcastic. It's not an ordinary phone number, it's our parents' number.

Underneath the number, it says, "Hi, Matthew and Emily, if you're reading this and dying to find a trace of us, your parents, call this number it'll make your day. P.S.

- we're so sorry for being out of your lives for 17 years, we hope to be back, but this is the only thing we can share with you while we hide away from some people."

Emily sat up wiping her tears away. She stood next to Mattew while looking at the note, which is a little weathered after staying in the box for 17 years.

After looking at the note, Emily was happy again jumping up and down. She said in amazement, " It's their phone number. Matthew, do you have your phone? If you do, call the number right now.

It's our last chance to hear their voice in a clear tone."

Matthew got out his chrome black iPhone, hesitating while opening it and trying to dial each number.

While next to him, Emily was making more noise, jumping up and down impatiently, waiting for Matthew to dial the number. On Matthew's side, he finished dialing the number.

He put it on speaker mode so both he and Emily can hear. Both of them said "Mom and Pa! It's your children, can you hear us!" Out of the phone, they heard something miraculously.

They heard their parents' voices saying "Yes, we can, is that you, Matthew and Emily!" Matthew was shocked, and so was Emily. They couldn't wait to talk to their parents, once again.

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