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This poem represents what I have to go through when I was bullied at school, dealing with a school war. However, now I'll stand up for those who get bullied every day at school, dealing with a horrible problem that never gets solved.


Every day when you come through the doors,

You are entering the school war,

Where you will be shot

At with words that could kill.

They are thrown without any rightful skill.

There is the laughter of the rivals,

Who is just downright cruel.

Their words cut deep down,

And you, the victim, will begin to drown.

Gulping up their words one by one.

Keep your head high.

There is no need to cry.

Just wear a smile;

It'll be worthwhile.

Kill those people with kindness, even if it hurts.

Don't let them shove you into the dirt.

Wear the uniform with pride.

Don't let them make you dead inside.

You are above them all,

So hold your head up and stand tall.

They'll all fall with a little time,

Because people throw rocks at things that shine.

Even if you don't believe it.

You are fine the way you are.

Those who say otherwise can get stuck in the tar.

Soon things will get better, and don't say they will not,

Because sooner or later those fools will get caught,

In the net, that brought you down.

So the next time they hurt you, remember this saying.

Nothing lasts forever, so just keep praying.

Next time, be strong like a boulder

Because every teenager or kid is a school soldier.

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