See Those People
See Those People poem stories

angelopao2010 Community member
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The appearance of people isn’t what they seem. Hate has affected all of us and we try to hide it.

See Those People

See that girl,

The one with the smile?

Do you know she's been hurting for a while?

Her smile is loud and bright,

But did you know that's just for show.

It's fake.

She seems happy to make us happy,

But inside she's dreading.

See that boy?

Yeah, he's so cool!

Is that how he appears to be at school?

Maybe that's what he stages just for show.

He isn't what he seems to be,

Inside and out.

See that girl,

With that group alongside her?

Do you know she considered suicide?

The hate she endured, no one knew.

She was tired of what she had to go through,

And that one thought had her life in its hands.

See that boy?

He seems so alive!

But every day he struggles to survive.

See those people?

All victims of hate.

Watch your words before it's too late.

And that girl with the smile and the

"Friends" alongside, was all references of me.

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