Once a Loner
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angelopao2010 Community member
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This poem symbolizes how I made my best friend in fifth grade to sixth grade. I couldn't exactly put how we met because we talked during an activity in fifth grade, and we made an instant connection. Then, we were friends; as a reminder we were in the same class in fifth to sixth grade.

Once a Loner

In fifth grade, I was a loner

It has been two years

Since I made a decent friend

After the betrayal of

My childhood best friend,

Until one day.

At lunch,

There I sit

At an empty table

They call me "The Loner"

The word's just a label

Why do they say that?

I'm human, like you

If I can see that

Why can't they see?

You saw me and walked over to me

Wearing a smile

Saying that "I'll sit here with you,

At least for a while"

We talked at the table

Not knowing that

It would last forever.

We made an instant

Connection that

We will never forget.

Things have changed

And I'm a loner no more

'Cause she's my best friend

Now and evermore.

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