Not Like Any Other Friend
Not Like Any Other Friend friends stories

angelopao2010 Community member
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My best friend that made a change to me, but left.

Not Like Any Other Friend

I have no true friends.

They betrayed and backstabbed.

I have nothing else to do.

I couldn't find true friends.

Until I met you.

There are no other friend that I had that's quite like you.

No other friend could do exactly what you do.

No other friend could listen to my dreams,

No matter how weird it all seems.

No other friend could listen to my priorities.

You're the one who's there for me when I need a friend.

We're gonna be tight till the end.

Even though, we fight sometimes.

We still love each other.

We always have fun when we are together.

We always find something to do no matter what the weather.

No other friend could understand me like you do.

You were a sibling to me that I never had.

I don't know what I would do without a friend like you.

But, you left to go somewhere else based on reasoning.

Now, I'm without you.

And I'm back to the start.

You are unique and because of that there's no one like you.

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