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angelopao2010 Community member
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My true story is about me and what bullying did to me.

My True Story

Through 6 years of being taunted and tortured

I was alone, hiding in my invisible corner.

I don't belong in any crowd

I'm the odd one out,

I just wished to not exist

In this unworthy world that's right in front of us.

I have a lot of hurtful names stamped to my identity

I don't have true friends

I'm the lone wolf, howling at the moon for help.

I hide my tears behind my fake smile.

I hide my fears behind my laugh.

The worse is that I pray and cry each night,

Hoping the next day, I'll be alright.

But, the universe, and even I can't control the world's decision,

I will still get bullied no matter what happens.

I keep telling myself, I will make it,

Through all the taunts and mocking laughs as I walk past life.

Do you know I'm tired of needing to be strong,

Even when I already went past my breaking point?

Day by day I lived like this,

And now I'm numb from the pain.

The words you said to try to pierce my skin,

The punch you threw to bruise my identity

Only makes me stronger in the end,

But bruises my self-esteem.

You think I'm a loser?

No, I'm no longer weak.

You can say what you want;

I won't flinch one bit.

Yes, I might be a loner,

But it doesn't matter.

If being one of you means hurting and looking down on another,

Then I'd rather be a loner.

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