(I'm Back) - Time to Tie the Knot
(I'm Back) - Time to Tie the Knot poem stories

angelopao2010 Community member
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Sorry in advance, after making you wait for months, I'm back and with a poem about marriage, some marriages in fact. The poem will represent what people who are in love think about before tying the knot.

(I'm Back) - Time to Tie the Knot

When you are in love with someone,

You tremble,

You're nervous,

You stare into their eyes,

You feel safe in their arms,

And you tremble in fear, not saying the correct words.

You are clearly in love.

But, if you tie the knot,

Marriage is next

And you get to marry someone

That you obviously love.

So here's your thoughts.

I've spent the day thinking,

Wondering if it's real.

There has to be a special way

To show you how I feel.

Your presence makes me tremble.

Your eyes alight with love.

If there is a place called heaven,

You were sent from up above.

I think of all the memories,

The times we spent together.

The one thing

That I'll always know is that we will be forever.

So, I'll wait for the day

When we will say our vows and say, "I Do."

And I will know that I will feel

The true love together

And feel it more and more.

You have been in my thoughts all day long

And then it dawned on me

That my love for you is so strong.

I want the world to see.

I want to take you in my arms

And dance under the rain.

So please, it's time to tie the knot.

And our love will finally thrive

With each other right beside.

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