Friends to The End!?
Friends to The End!? poem stories

angelopao2010 Community member
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This poem represents how I felt after the day my best friend in kindergarten to third grade betrayed me.

Friends to The End!?

What did I do?

What did I say?

To make you betray.

Why do I seem to be in your way?

Friends till the end remember,

Or so that's what I thought.

Now you don't have time,

And I'm always left out.

Haven't I been there for you

Through thick and thin?

Figment of my imagination,

Or is that the way it's been?

When others turned their back,

Whether you were right or wrong,

Didn't I stand by you?

Wasn't I your friend all along?

On your lonely nights,

When no one else could relate,

I never thought twice.

It never was a debate.

I'm always there to hear you out,

Listening all the way, without a doubt.

What's so bad about wanting the same?

A friend that will stand by me,

One that won't play games.

A friend that isn't like you,

A friend that has a decent

Conscience and compassion

To respect others and their


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