A Deceived Friendship
A Deceived Friendship poem stories

angelopao2010 Community member
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This poem also represents my best friend from kindergarten to third grade that betrayed me, but when I knew that she stabbed me in the back I refused to believe it, it's like she's one thing and another at the same time. A friend that's nothing but fake. Now she will find another victim to tamper with and break, just like she did with me. I should stop her but whenever I see her face, my heart breaks.

A Deceived Friendship

I hear them laughing.

They don't think I notice,

But I do.

Every word spilled from venomous lips

Attacks the fragile skin and seeps through like a stain.

Words are forever incised.

My heart lays shattered.

The worst is not the sting of words

But the friendly and inviting smiles they use against me,

Faking what I thought was real.

My mind play tricks,

I was oblivious to finding a 'real' friendship

That the mirror shies away.

The eyes I see refuse to meet me.

I'll leave them be.

Good for me, she left without saying goodbye

I thought I would be sad but not for her, but with what

Happened between us.

She will now find a new poor soul to tamper with

If I were no longer here.

She would find a helpless new victim,

To deceive and lie for years.

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