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angelohinesagan I write first person poetry
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Dive into my brain and see how my depressed brain thinks


Standing all alone pondering my choices. I hear all the voices each pulling me in a direction. I don't know which one to follow, I need help. My brain has split and left.

It's starting to consume me. Without reason and need it feeds on my loneliness. The sad part is it makes me feel homely. It gives me strength in place of fear. It scares away my friends tho.

But it's the only friend I need. It makes me feel like I just drunk a cup of mead. My old friends trying to revive me and yet I have never felt more alive. The dark snuffing out my light.

Will I ever be able to fight? Will I be able to do what's right or will I always turn my back on the light? Will I continue to fight? I see my past and my future.

Which do I shoot towards? It whispers promising sweet bliss. Like I just received death's sweet kiss I want to lie down and rest. I know I will never be at my best.

When I lay down for my final rest it will be their ever guiding me. It hides me from my past But I want to keep fighting. I want to go back to the light. I want to fight with all my might.

Yet as I try I come to realize I am trapped down, chained up, and in pain. I have a drug in my brain. It's like all common knowledge went down the drain. This pain is almost too much to bear.

My cup is at the brim. My teeth are against the trim. I feel the ever-lasting rain comes from the clouds that have gathered in my eyes. I have just paid the ultimate price....

the darkness is closing in. I am feeling numb again. I see the light fading. I am scared... I realize too late it's the darkness.

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