Till Death do us part
Till Death do us part  old stories

angelohinesagan I write first person poetry
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Old Love

Till Death do us part

Where is she?

Radiating pure beauty?

The girl from when I was younger was afraid of getting cooties

Sparks fly when we meet

It's even hotter between the sheets

A smile that would make the sun pale

The beauty that would make Aphrodite jealous

Where is she?

Do I have to yell?

Oh Mr. time please do tell

Can you spin slower

So I may gaze upon her face

Before I finish this race called life

Oh how am I supposed to get by

When I miss you so

I long to kiss your face

And be wrapped in your warm embrace

Where is she I keep asking

Maybe I'll see her in passing

Where the gates are white

And babes fly with wings

Where is she

Till the next life

Where we walk hand and hand

The light calls and I must go

Where is she?

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