The Conquering King
The Conquering King  king stories

angelohinesagan I write first person poetry
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A view into a king's last stand

The Conquering King

Standing above the crowd looking down on their pleading faces. Telling me to save them, to defeat the enemy. The stress is killing me.

It's been keeping me up all night while the enemy is marching in from the right. I can try with all my might yet I cannot defend. I have been too satisfied with these years of bliss.

I can't believe I missed the warning signs. All the vipers and snakes in my court have crippled me. They have restrained my voice. They leave me with two choices.

To fight and die or die with no honor. Which do I choose? Which do I follow? My heart feels hollow while I am wallowing in self-pity. Alas, this is no time for self-indulgence.

I have people to lead and an army to command. They band together at my word. They will rise or fall at the sword.

Yet I wonder how many burial gourds will become of this? The pain of King hood troubles me so. Can I get rid of this pain tho? My anger begins to rise as all my fears die.

I am here to bring about the prosperity of my kingdom but I just wonder am I to Blame? For all the years I followed my advisors instead of what was right. I should have fought with all my might.

Now they're at my gates and my people have answered the call to fight. This is the day I shall do right But not only by me but by them... They will say

All hail the once conquering king. Once led us to prosperity and was well-liked now his head is on a pike. In his last days, he followed his heart. Now they push him around in a cart.

All hail the once conquering king.

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