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angelohinesagan I write first person poetry
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The viewpoint of a guy Struggling with alcohol addiction


Can you hear that?

can you hear that splash look over there it's just pure clear bottle cuz I'm sitting back here while my family is inside they are wondering if I could see that teardrop from my wife's eyes

as she adverts my child's gaze as my eyes do glaze? It's just medication I say not wanting to face the truth because it's got me bound beating me black and blue.

If I don't have it I get angry and sad oh how I look like my dad. Addiction runs in my family and they say alcohol is ok

But I didn't know I needed it this badly to where I drink it for every meal even a midnight snack.

It's ok In moderation but not when I spend our whole vacation drunk and passed out with my child screaming daddy get up daddy come out.

I don't need your cries I don't need your pity I made my bed please don't lay in it with me. If I could prevent you from this fate I signed up for then listen.

Addiction runs in my family what about yours?

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