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angelofdevils(Gone for a while)
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It would be too cliche to type 'dreams' as the title and if you think about it its implied.

I'm feelings lot better . I've written and said a lot of depressing things/themes, and I'm trying to be more positive and ...happier?

I do love to sleep because I have really awesome dreams. But when I'm in real life, everyday is super boring and sometimes there's nothing really keeping me alive. I'm just floating through life. But I'll be okay in the end (the end? When will that happen....)

(No title. See description.)

I feel alive here

Im living in another story

Everything and everybody

Its never boring!

Its a happy place

In reality its night,

But here I'm awake

I'm flying, dying

Or someone different altogether!

But (oh no!-)my time is up

This flimsy state is severed...

I open my eyes to the rising sun

And now I'm no longer anyone

I'm awake --or so it seems...-

I only feel alive in my dreams...

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