To someone I've loved with all my heart for a long time.
To someone I've loved with all my heart for a long time. letters stories
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angelle fall down seven times, stand up eight.
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❝Once yours and will never be yours again...❞

To someone I've loved with all my heart for a long time.

This is the last and I’m letting go.

I’m letting go of all the memories – good or bad – and I’m burying them six feet under the ground with a tombstone marked with “Here lies everything we’ve shared."

I’m letting go to forget and start anew. I don’t know who else to blame but me. Maybe I wasn’t enough and that’s why everything happened. That’s fine – don’t blame yourself.

I always saw myself as someone who wasn’t and will never be enough for someone (i.e. partners or even friends).

You see, I’m the type of person who everyone replaces and forgets once in a while.

I had the same fate with others, you won’t be any different. Don’t get me wrong, we shared lots of good and happy memories. We sure had a lot of laughs.

However, forgive me if I choose to bury them and forget. How else can I start anew if I still carry those around? I don’t want a trace of all these; a grave with a tombstone is enough.

Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll even forget where I buried everything.

I know what you’re thinking.

We’ve spent years building everything but even the strongest of buildings collapse when a force reckons with it.

You don’t have to mull over it.

You know what happens when buildings collapse, right? The debris is cleaned and a new one is built.

Go on; build something new with someone else because our time has come to a stop.

Please don’t tell me that collapsed buildings are repaired because at this point, repairing would only cost much more than building a new one.

We always hated spending that much money so let’s save ourselves the trouble and build another but this time, we go our separate ways.

You build yours in the same place we built ours and I’ll find a new place.

Maybe you would build something much grander and one that would suit your preferences, unlike ours which had a lot of compromises.

This is the end.

The end of a relationship and of a friendship or whatever we had going on. This ship has long been rusty and unstable – it’s time to go and let this ship sink.

No pun intended here, but even if Titanic, the “unsinkable ship” has sunk deep within the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, who’s to say we won’t end up with the same fate?

The Titanic was built by hundreds and thousands of men while us? We can’t even compare.

From every nook and cranny, the unsinkable ship was well crafted and we almost thought the same in our relationship.

However, we failed to realize one thing: that validating one another should always be constant.

Tell me, when was the last time we asked each other if we were okay?

I often kept my distance when I didn’t think I was okay but I don’t think you noticed.

This is what I’ve feared: keeping my distance would make you distant from me.

This is why I’m always left behind.



Taken for granted.

What they say is true: your own self is your biggest downfall.

Don’t fret.

This chapter of my life is over and so are we.

I don’t want to start anew with you.

I don’t want to share the same ending again. It’s happened more than once and I’d be a fool to go through the same damn thing once more.

I’ve learned my lesson – one that I’d be keeping for the rest of my life to prevent a repeat of everything that has happened.

Because this time, I’m ready to let go.

Because this time, I’m choosing myself. I’m choosing my happiness and freedom.

This is the last and you won’t hear from me ever.

Once yours and will never be yours again,

A dear friend.

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