Bury Me, My Love
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angelisxiii Community member
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Something I wrote for my girlfriend. I decided to submit it for a contest just to get my name and writing out there.

Bury Me, My Love

But not in the conventional cemetery manner.

Bury me in a warm embrace in the morning beneath blankets

And lances of sunshine.

Bury me in the slow rise of your shoulders as you yawn

Bury me in your smile over morning tea, a touch of your hand on the porch, or the sound of water running as you shower.

Bury me in the little moments that are larger than life.

Bury me in "Are you hungry?"

Bury me in "I love you."

In "Mine."

In "Always."

Bury me in stories we tell our friends about us.

Bury me in songs that mean something to you.

Bury me in your memories, so that I may live forever.

Bury me in your heart, darling.

Bury me, my love. But stay with me always.

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